1. Once you have signed up, you will need to wait to receive an email from one of our team. In this email it will be a simple invitation to download the TrueCoach application, where we will get your profile setup and the programme assigned to your account.

2. From this email you can discuss anything that does not make sense or is confusing with regards to functionality of the application, it is very simple to use and you can find most information on how to use it at this link:


3. Once your are setup and ready to go! You will have full access to the weeks training on the Sunday prior to that week. Between 5-5:30am of your days training you will receive an email of the training you have scheduled for that day. This is simply to remind you what you are doing and you will still have full access to the day on the application.

From the application you can view all demo videos, rep scheme and coaches notes. The application also allows you to log your information and leave comments on certain movements or exercises.

If you have any serious issues you can contact us via email at