Accountability or hand holding, which is most important for health and wellness? Part 2

Accountability or hand holding, which is most important for health and wellness? Part 2

Coaches for Wellness/General Fitness

“With a Dose of Discomfort, Emerge the Triumphant”

The previous blog post talks about what you should be looking for in any coach in general. At METHOD we believe these qualities are non-negotiable traits regardless of the industry.

However, when you’re looking for a coach who is there to address a specific goal, then the levels of these qualities may vary.

For Health and Wellness, by and large, the most important factor I’ve come across in ten years of coaching is accountability. Does your coach hold you accountable, or do they simply upload your programming and that’s it? Is communication frequent enough for you? Are your expectations on communication being met? It’s an important conversation to have.

It’s important for me to now address the difference between accountability and handholding. A coach cannot perform the work for you. However, what they can do is understand your environment on a daily basis to help structure your training around the things that matter most. If your goal is health and wellness, any coach that expects you to drop family time or your career in order to build your health and fitness must understand where family and career sit on your list of priorities. Again, a conversation needs to be had to fit health and fitness into your life, rather than take over. This conversation should really be had in the initial meeting.

Coaches for Health, Wellness and Fitness Pt 2/4

Another huge element that plagues the fitness industry is the idea of “no pain, no gain.” This is ultimately idiotic. If I was trying to write a new slogan, it would be something along the lines of “with a dose of discomfort, emerge the triumphant” but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well, so I’ll have to satisfy you with explaining why the “no pain, no gain” approach doesn’t have a purpose in health and fitness. 

The slogan alone tends to promote the idea that in order to succeed in your health and fitness journey, then you must suffer. This is an immediate barrier for most people and also creates confusion around what it takes to be fit.

A coach for health and wellness should be focussing on you moving frequently, often and out of pain. As your goals shift from health and wellness towards fitness, the need to increase heart rate or work harder in your training sessions will be evident, however, there is huge progress to be made early on that can often be missed out on by skipping the beginner phase. What this does for long term potential is detrimental as the individual never learnt how to activate their muscles to the right degree.

So, to those who are looking for a coach or PT in the future, if you’re trying a session and the first thing your trainer does is beast you to the point where you can’t move, you want to walk away. Sure it felt good, you got a good dopamine hit, but I can promise that your progress, in the long run, will be less than if your coach took the time to understand you. 

- Mike