What is Method Driven Nutrition?

What is Method Driven Nutrition?

Nutrition is a skill... It requires knowledge, repetition and coaching. Acquisition is based on repeating positive habits, and if you’re lucky enough to be coached into some good habits early on, you’ll find yourself on a pathway to success. 

After an amount of reps, good nutrition becomes autonomous… It’s no longer “hard,” and doesn’t require willpower to make the right choice. You’ve learnt the basics, and can fit your lifestyle into these principles to ensure you stay on track. 

Will you have some slip ups? Sure! But with the knowledge and habits in place, you seamlessly get back on track with a clear focus and direction in mind. 

Having helped hundreds of people lose weight, gain muscle, and fuel their performance, I’ve come to realise that success in nutrition is about finding the right method, and building the habits that allow you to stick to it. Paleo, vegan, keto, carnivore, pagan, autoimmune and plant based are all based on trialled and tested principles of nutrition - yes, they all work! 

The problem is that there is so much information about the methods of nutrition, that it can leave us confused and overwhelmed. So much so that we end up sitting still, or worse, clutching to a crash diet that eventually brings us back to square one. 

Through the delivery of Method Driven Nutrition, we believe that knowledge is power, and in our program, you’ll learn the knowldge to find the right nutrition program for you! You’ll learn about macronutrients, micronutrients, inflammation and digestion, while tailoring your nutrition for fat loss, muscle gain or performance. You’ll be a part of a supportive group who listens to your challenges and celebrates your successors. All the while you’re under the supervision of a certified nutritionist to guide the ship. 

Our first cohort begins on September 7th, although as you have read this blog we are giving you private access to our members only run of the 6 week programme that starts this Monday 24th August, so sign up quick before its sold old.