We are changing lives, but delivering no different to what was already known

We are changing lives, but delivering no different to what was already known

To those who have known METHOD from day one, then it comes as no surprise to learn that we've worked hard to create the product you see before us. Since the outset of METHOD, we've analysed what the market wants, but also what the market needs, sticking true to our core values from day 1. We've continually refined our approach in order to educate everyone from top tier athletes, to your mate Jeremy whose training knowledge consists of what he's learnt from that cute blue ticker from TV - a proven path to fatigue and injuries.

So what’s the goal?

The health and fitness world is a loud and confusing place, it's easy to get lost or influenced into the wrong direction. At METHOD we don't choose our coaches based on six pack abs and their social media following, we look for a coach that at their core, cares about improving health for the people who are seeking out their expertise, a coach who may not be lifting the worlds heaviest weights because simply they're busy helping you achieve the best version of yourself. This is the easy bit, the hard bit is then delivering it in a way that we can develop the best product for you with our precise screening methods, and then deliver it to you in a way that you can not only follow the programme, but develop a relationship with your coach that allows us to constantly evolve the product provided to you. The development of the product you sign up to never stops developing or evolving the moment you hit begin. 

So what are the key values that make METHOD so unique?


We believe there is no one programme that fits all, every single one of us are unique in our own right. We’ve developed a platform that provides a product that will never be replicated from one person to another, every single product that we offer is in some way bespoke to you. Anytime a new institution comes to market, the message is usually that this is THE way to train. It's very often a repackaged principal, sold as a new found method. Whilst we are advocates of anyway to get people more engaged in their health, at METHOD we ensure that there will be no overly complicated solutions. Simplicity in delivery and in execution.


At METHOD, the coaching team are at the core of everything created or delivered. The coaches we work with have combined decades of experience with an understanding that true expertise means being able to challenge each other. It is this challenge that continually forces our coaches to grow and develop their area of expertise. Whilst there are a number of coaches now who claim to be a jack of all trades; Olympic lifting, aerobic capacity, mobility gymnastics all rolled into one, the reality is that most of these have done a day course or at best a week course focussed on these disciplines. Our coaches have spent years studying, obtaining degrees in their respective fields and ultimately never being satisfied. It is this attitude among our coaching force that ensures you will always be obtaining the best service. 

You could argue we are trying to redesign the wheel… in reality we’re just trying to find one that fits, standing on the shoulders of great scholars and providing you with one of the best services on the market.

So check out our new digs and keep an eye out for some really exciting product. We have some seriously exciting unique product coming soon, so stay tuned!