Remote coaching more important now than it was before COVID-19

Remote coaching more important now than it was before COVID-19

So why is remote coaching more important now than it was prior to the global pandemic of Covid-19? Apart from the obvious, health is a primary focus to tackle the virus, we’re looking deeper into the situation we’re all in. Without structure and guidance, training can become an unhealthy chase for a short term fix to long term problems such as depression. Without someone challenging your intentions or setting structure and purpose, the routine and balance of your training may shadow or create more issues for your overall health than you think. Yes a heavy intense workout will make you feel good and burn calories, but will it resolve the issue that is potentially impacting your overall health at this moment in time? Don’t know about you, but this short term fix is almost relatable to an unhealthy addiction.

To help you understand, here are a few hurdles that have been thrown at us in todays environment.

1. Our “normal” routine has been turned upside down with no choice or warning. Small changes normally cause volatility in our life, but we have had to deal with a big one and very fast.
2. Reduced resources in terms of kit and gym facility.
3. Financial and life stresses.
4. Mental challenges and depression.
5. Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again without awareness or a solution.
6. Socialising and networking.
7. Guidance or structure in terms of direction with the amount of uncertainty.
8. The list goes on….

Prior to these new hurdles/challenges, remote coaching had a lot of resources that not a lot of people needed. What a lot of people don’t understand is that remote coaching isn’t just about giving you a horrific workout to get you fit. Remote coaching is about guidance, support, listening, reviewing and delivering. So how can remote coaching help or support certain elements of today’s situation?

1. Get you physically and mentally healthy based on your own scenario and needs. If you follow a programme or a class that isn’t designed for you, then you are running at a low efficiency, in these times we need you running at 100% efficiency and 100% relative to you and what you need. Elements such as the amount of volume you do, the overload, technicality, structure and more can impact your mental health in these times. 
2. A programme that is designed to your kit and surroundings.
3. Support your mental health.
4. Offer guidance and structure, keeping you on track and a target to always work towards. With a world of uncertainty, get some certainty and structure provided to you that has intention and purpose specifically for you!

We could go on and on, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to get a coach that can keep you on track both mentally and physically. For more information or to see if this is something you’re interested in, simply fill in our free consultation and book a phone call with one of our coaches.