How to use social media to grow your start up business! It's this simple!

How to use social media to grow your start up business! It's this simple!

Firstly lets break it down a bit... For a start up business the time required to turn social media into a revenue machine simply outweighs the value of return, especially for the short term! The first thing you should be doing when starting up your business is being as lean as possible with your time, investing your efforts in the channels and tasks that are most valuable in terms of growth for yourself and your business. Even though your revenue streams may be limited, your time is money, so invest it wisely and don't throw it away on channels that have evolved to such a degree that they need time and money to make a small foot print in generating a return that is extremely limited in its level of control. So how can we approach using social media for your business and getting the absolute most from it?

1. Change your perspective! Learn the difference between guidance and influence and start using your social media to guide and add value. Guidance builds trust in consumers whilst it also adds value and supports your current customer/clients. Using your channel to provide guidance rather than regularly seeking ways to influence will also change your approach for the better in terms of the message you deliver.

2. Take the pressure off! Use social media as a channel of communication not a channel of sales. It's easy to turn your social media into a sales driven machine, rather than truly connecting and engaging with your consumer in a way that best suits the channel. Remove the pressure of generating conversion from social media channels and focus more on face to face and other natural channels that best suit.

3. Do you truly know yourself and your identity to grow your channel on? Take time to clearly define your identity and mission statement, your PERFECT consumer. I use the words “perfect consumer” when it comes to a business like this as “target customer” is someone you want to sell to, perfect consumer is someone you would want to work with, it makes a difference!

4. Understand channels that are more efficient to generate more return based on your PERFECT consumer. Get to know who they are, their routines, lifestyle, what gyms they go to, habits etc. You would be better off using linked-in or maybe even be more face to face with them and organise some events/pop ups that could better suit the customer. 

That's it! In conclusion, stop getting stuck in the rut of the “normal” and being influenced by constant business accounts on Instagram and social media, with the statements like, “grow your revenue by 10000%”. If you sold a tangible product, yes its possible, but you are providing a personal experience/service that is unique to you and requires elements of trust and personality. The amount of coaches I have worked with that have fallen suspect to those classic business support teams have realised the hard and costly way that it just aint that simple. 

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