How to get correct shoulder position in the handstand

How to get correct shoulder position in the handstand

Welcome to our first handstand tips with me, Camille! In this blog we will be discussing how to get correct shoulder position in your handstand. For more on this or to train with me on your handstand, simply sign in to one of my workshops, hosted every Saturday 1pm GMT. 


The right SHOULDER position in handstand is THE key to a LIGHT, SAFE and STABLE handstand.
The way you stand on your HANDS should mimic how we stand on a daily basis using our FEET.
TALL & well STACKED is how wrist joint should be.

For years we have been standing on our own two feet to the point where it is now entirely subconscious. However, if I now ask you to squat, you will immediately feel the tension go through the hips and knees whilst your body recruits your quads, hamstrings and glutes to cope with that pressure. This is the equivalent pressure that we place on our shoulders, wrists, elbows when translated into POOR handstand form.

We really need to AVOID this “squat” position in our handstand. For that, we always need to keep the HANDS no wider than shoulder width, the ELBOWS locked out, the SHOULDERS pushed up and the upper BACK tight and still. Whilst that is a great deal to work on, we will be going over them.
Let’s just have a quick look at the shoulder position when they are too far FORWARD or too far BACK.
The straight line I’m forming with my body is the shape I am aiming for in the ideal handstand hold.

Gravity often causes us to make a few different mistakes ; going few degrees OVER or BELOW the 180 degrees line. This is known as a CLOSED or OPEN shoulder position. This bad motion of the shoulder will create a big S in your body. This first S position with a CLOSED shoulder brings tension in the front of the SHOULDERS and the lower BACK.
I call this form the SCORPION.

This second S position seen is with an OPEN shoulder, which creates a big stretch in the SHOULDER and lower BACK.
I call this form the BANANA.

So which handstand position are you? The SCORPION or the BANANA? Do you know how to FIX your S position?
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