What do you look at when you see a training programme? Or even so, what do you look for when looking for a programme?

For me, I look for the experience. The experience behind the coach/creator and their journey to producing their programme is everything, because that is what a training plan should be; a journey/experience created for you to follow. So how do you see this experience?

In every programme you can truly see the journey the coach has gone through to develop themselves and the programme they have produced. If you look at a fine piece of art or hand-crafted pottery you will see fingerprints or stroke marks that are unique and only ever created by the artist… programming to me is no different. Each warm up, lift, accessory and finisher in the plan has been specifically thought of through many years and through a passion of constantly seeking to develop knowledge to provide what is in front of you. This goes right down to the detail of reps, time, sets, movement combinations and more.

You should finish a session and get a slight glimpse of the coach’s thought process when they have sat down and pieced it all together… I had it the other day when someone came up to me and explained how amazed they were with the realisation of what they had just been through. They understood how the session had hit them in terms of specific fatigue and work load, almost with a painful laugh. When you follow a programme and you find yourself learning about yourself and your own capabilities, and get the insight into the creator and what they have produced, this is a special thing. This is when you see the journey and the experience of the creator.

BURN METHOD to me is a prime example. I say this because looking at this programme, I can truly see the journey of Tom and Courtney. Their passion, experience and countless hours seeking to help others is showcased in a simple 4-8 week plan. This is what is so special about METHOD; it's a chance for amazing coaches to showcase their journey, their strokes of experience and finger prints of knowledge. It's not about using all the kit or doing the most technical movements and training like you’re a top athlete, it's about the journey created by the coach and if you want to experience it.